College Statement on Gender-Based Violence


The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

3 May 2024

Strong public demand for genuine action on violence against women has been in the headlines this week, as the number of women killed as a result of gender-based violence continues to rise on previous years (32 women have been killed since Jan 2024; one every four days2). The only acceptable statistic is zero.

Echoing the many voices in this space, we all have a responsibility to prevent violence against women and gender-based violence. Following the National Cabinet鈥檚 commitment to greater action,1 The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (mini传媒入口) supports the call for the Australian government to act with urgency on ending gender-based violence.

mini传媒入口 believes that change starts with education and skilled understanding. The College is committed to providing real-world education on social and systemic issues, such as gender-based violence, and how to appropriately care for those in need of support. This is engrained in our educational programs and material:

Certificate of Women鈥檚 Health, Associate mini传媒入口 Program (Procedural) & Associate mini传媒入口 Program (Advanced Procedural) Curricula (2024)聽requires that trainees are able to 鈥渋dentify, counsel, document and initiate appropriate management of women who are victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse.鈥 (pg. 18)

Fellowship of mini传媒入口 Curriculum (2023) requires 聽that trainees have strong knowledge and skills competencies in the principles of management of victims of domestic violence聽(pg. 35); screening for sexual and domestic violence, recognising common indicators that a patient has suffered family and domestic violence, providing appropriate counselling and referral to a victim of domestic violence, and implementing principles of management of victims of domestic violence (pg. 38); and the impact of violence and trauma on trans and gender diverse peoples and its ongoing impact on seeking health services (pg. 88).

Best practice statement: Routine antenatal assessment in the absence of pregnancy complications (2022) recommends that it should be explained to all women that asking about family violence is a routine part of antenatal care, and that this should be done when the woman is alone, utilising the screening tool used in the clinician鈥檚 jurisdiction.

Clinical Guidance Statement: C-Gyn 1 Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) (2022)

In addition to this work, mini传媒入口 is currently developing a domestic violence interactive case study that is planned for launch later in 2024.

Gender-based violence is preventable.3 We all have a responsibility to address the social influences of violence against women head-on. mini传媒入口 is fully committed to working together with government and other stakeholders in addressing this critical issue. 聽


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