mini传媒入口 Wellbeing Award Recipients 2023

Meet the people leading the way in wellbeing at the College in 2023.


The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

6 December 2023

The mini传媒入口 Wellbeing Awards have been running since 2021 as a way to recognise the important work undertaken by individuals supporting and championing the health and wellbeing of their fellow O&G peers.

Congratulations to the 2023 Wellbeing Award recipients and thank you to everyone who took the time to write a nomination 鈥 they were a joy to read.

Individual award recipients

Dr Luiza Peculis (Jones)

Fmini传媒入口, Liverpool Hospital, NSW

Dr Luiza Peculis (Jones)

Nominated by Dr Vanessa Gray (mini传媒入口 Trainee)

Dr Luiza Peculis is a recently elevated mini传媒入口 fellow who has spent her advanced trainee years acting as the Senior Registrar at Liverpool Hospital. Whilst working in this demanding role at a tertiary hospital, Luiza was responsible for supervising and overseeing a large team of junior doctors, including mini传媒入口 ITPs and SIMGs, prevocational doctors, interns, and residents. During this time Luiza championed the importance of doctor鈥檚 wellbeing through multiple means.

Luiza introduced and ran a regular departmental Wellbeing Meeting with the junior doctors, allowing them to raise any concerns in a supportive and confidential environment. She also introduced a regular ‘positive feedback’ session during departmental meetings so that positive feedback could be provided publicly so that junior doctors felt recognised for their hard work and professional successes.

By embracing the importance of health and wellbeing whilst in a leadership role, Luiza has ensured that the junior doctors under her leadership felt supported and heard. She also helped change hospital culture to ensure that doctors wellbeing was recognised as an essential and important aspect of a successfully functioning department.

By continuing the practice of running formalised Wellbeing meetings, junior doctors are provided with a safe space to discuss workplace health and wellbeing issues and are provided with a formal means of confidentially providing feedback or suggestions on how to create a healthy work environment.

Dr Luiza Peculis has provided leadership by showing kindness and respect in her everyday interactions with others and has been a strong advocate for the wellbeing of her colleagues around her.

Dr Christoph Lehner

Fmini传媒入口, The Royal Brisbane and Women鈥檚 Hospital, QLD

Nominated by Dr Anousha Woods (mini传媒入口 Trainee)

Dr Christoph Lehner is very supportive to all members of the team. He stays in the hospital when he is on call to support the registrars, has a very positive attitude which helps the whole team function well and is always keen to teach all team members.

Dr Lehner supports the juniors 24 hours of the day and is happy to stay back in clinics and see the last patient. He is keen to teach juniors and extremely patient with all team members.

He is an inspiration to juniors of what we hope to be like in the future. I am confident that every person in our MDT enjoys working with Dr Lehner. He is kind, supportive, humble, skilled, and extremely knowledgeable.

Dr Saima Wani

Trainee, Eastern Health, VIC

Nominated by Dr Prithi Rajiv (mini传媒入口 Diplomate)

Dr Saima Wani is the current SR at Eastern Health O&G. She has been instrumental in maintaining team morale and fair distribution of workload while upskilling junior residents particularly in times of extensive sick leave and skeleton staff present on site. Saima has developed excellent relationships with junior and senior staff alike which has set the tone and maintained team cohesion at this health service.

During times of stress, heavy workload or skeleton staff Saima has actively ensured that every member of the team – junior and senior – is not working excessive hours beyond their means where possible. This includes reaching out to team members unprompted to ensure they are coping with the workload and where required organising roster swaps to ensure the mental health of all team members is prioritised.

Her advocacy for juniors to have more training opportunities has allowed for an ongoing impact of junior SRMOs having the chance to have minor procedural gynae lists with consultant supervision and opportunities to become involved in C/S lists assisting consultants which are both ongoing initiatives that will continue for future cohorts of junior staff.

Saima has been a compassionate, approachable, and considerate SR who is understanding of the mental and physical toll that a job such as O&G can have. She is a strong advocate for medical education and teaching and can provide guidance and learning in an approachable way. This sets an excellence precedence for a cohesive team culture.

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