Updates to the mini传媒入口 CPD program in 2024 and 2025

Learn more about the new mandatory CPD requirements that will come into effect from 1 January 2024.


The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

16 May 2024

This page details updated requirements that will apply to the mini传媒入口 CPD program for 2024.聽

Program-level requirements – CAPE Activities

Program-level requirements are activities that facilitate professional development across the breadth of medical practice. Engagement in these activities should include opportunities for reflection on your own biases and attitudes, to help you understand how these can impact patient care.

To meet your program-level requirements you will need to engage in activities for:

Cultural Safety Practice 鈥 Healthcare that respects cultural perspectives and needs, creating an inclusive environment. Addresses power imbalances and promotes cultural safety. 

Addressing Health Inequities 鈥 Recognising and reducing disparities in health outcomes and access. Focuses on social determinants, policy advocacy, and interventions for marginalized populations. 

Professionalism 鈥 Practitioners鈥 conduct and attitudes aligned with standards and ethics. Includes integrity, accountability, communication, teamwork, and upholding ethical principles. 

Ethical Practice 鈥 Morally informed decisions in healthcare, considering patient rights, values, autonomy, and well-being. Informed consent, confidentiality, beneficence, non-maleficence, and justice is prioritised. 

Program-level requirements for professionalism and cultural safety

The following CPD participants must complete activities for professionalism and cultural safety from 1st January 2024

mini传媒入口 Board/Council Members/Committee Chairs every two years

mini传媒入口 training supervisors every three years

CPD program-level requirementCriteriaResources
Professionalism Activities may focus on:

– Prevention of bullying, harassment, and discrimination in the workplace,
– Communication skills
– Collaborative multidisciplinary practices, etc.
Suggested resources:
– Employer programs

mini传媒入口 courses
mini传媒入口 Respectful Workplaces workshop
Emotional Intelligence and Compassion Workshop

eLearning (Acquire) 

Webinars/podcasts (Acquire)

Cultural safety (AUS)Culturally safe practice activities in Australia鈥痬ay focus on:

– Exploring the ongoing impacts of colonisation and systemic racism
– Identifying individual biases, strategies to providing equitable and culturally responsive care
– Political/historical determinants
– Partnership in healthcare decisions
Suggested resources:
– Employer programs

External courses approved for CPD

– (delivered at mini传媒入口 ASMs and Regional Symposiums)

Webinars/podcasts (Acquire)
– (Acquire)
Cultural safety (NZ)Culturally safe practice activities in Aotearoa New Zealand may focus on:
– Exploring M膩ori health and culture
– Identifying M膩ori health equity
– Identifying clinical bias and improving health literacy
– Te reo within a clinical setting
– The role of Whakatere
Suggested Resources:

– Employer programs

External courses  

Webinars/podcasts (Acquire)
– (Acquire)
– Other resources TBA)

Mandatory Program – Level Requirements from 2025 – all CPD Participants

Program Level Requirements Min Hours 2025202620272028
Cultural Safety 2All CPD ParticipantsAll CPD Participants
Addressing Health Inequities 2All CPD ParticipantsAll CPD Participants
Professionalism 2All CPD ParticipantsAll CPD Participants
Ethical Practice 2All CPD ParticipantsAll CPD Participants

It is however, strongly encouraged that all CPD participants engage in activities across off four of the program-level requirement areas from January 2024. Your engagement in these activities will be clearly visible on your CPD portal.


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