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The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

2 April 2024


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Recent updates

Fmini传媒入口 Trainees: Information on the updated APSS forms
All APSS forms have now been revised 鈥 including the general APSS form, colposcopy, ultrasound A and B and advanced obstetrics ultrasounds. The updated forms can now be accessed on the Fmini传媒入口 mini传媒入口 and Assessments page.
The recording of the APSS updates webinar hosted by mini传媒入口’s Dean of Education, Professor Ian Symonds, a comprehensive FAQ, an instructional guide for assessors and a video of overview of the changes can be accessed here.
For further questions please contact听
Added 2 April 2024

Fmini传媒入口 trainees: 2024 ASM abstract submissions now open
Abstract submissions for the 2024 Annual Scientific Meeting are now open and close on 10 June 2024.
For more information, visit
Added 14 March 2024

CWH/PTP/APTP trainees
Congratulations to the 24 CWH, 18 mini传媒入口 Associates (Procedural) and 7 mini传媒入口 Associates (Adv. Procedural) trainees whose certifications were approved by the Conjoint Committee for Associate Procedural mini传媒入口 (CCAPT) in February 2024. Your certificates have been posted!
Added 5 March 2024

Upcoming workshops

WorkshopWorkshop datesRegistration link
Emotional Intelligence
and Compassion
Wednesday 20 March 2024, 1.30pm鈥4.45pm AEDT
Respectful Workplaces
Monday 25 March 2024, 1.30pm 鈥 5.30pm AEDT (Fellows only)

Wednesday 15 May 2024, 1.30pm 鈥 5.30pm AEST (Trainees only)

Friday 9 August 2024, 8.30am 鈥 12.30pm AEST (Fellows only)
mini传媒入口 Supervisor
Friday 19 April 2024, 8.30am 鈥 1.30pm AEST

Friday 26 July 2024, 12.30pm 鈥 5.30pm AEST

Added 29 February 2024

All trainees: Do you know where to find your employer’s bullying, harassment and discrimination policy?
Whether it鈥檚 your first day at a new site or you鈥檙e a long-standing employee, it鈥檚 good to know where to find it, if you ever need it.
You can find mini传媒入口鈥檚 bullying, harassment and discrimination policy and resource guide here.
Visit our wellbeing and support webpage to find out more or to get support.
Added 5 February 2024

All Australian trainees: A new app by doctors in training, for doctors in training
mini传媒入口 is supporting the Australian trial of Shift, a new app by the Black Dog Institute. Developed for early career doctors, Shift is quick, confidential and aims to build mental health and wellbeing skills.
and help create support that works for future doctors in training.
Added 22 January 2024

All trainees: Bullying, harassment and discrimination survey results published
Thank you to all trainees who completed the survey. Results are now available on our website, with trainee results starting on p.21. We will be sharing the results with the relevant committees and training hospital CEOs.
If you have been mistreated at work, we are here to support you.
Added 28 November 2023

Fmini传媒入口 trainees: Curriculum update
The new Fmini传媒入口 Curriculum (4th Edition) is now live and will be rolled out initially for trainees commencing in 2024. For more information, and view the new curriculum.

Fmini传媒入口 trainees: Completing research requirements
Please see the following information to help you plan your conference attendance and presentations.
For more information: or contact:

EventCall for abstracts opensCall for abstracts closesEvent date
mini传媒入口 Regional Symposium 2024
Glenelg South Australia
mini传媒入口 Symposium 2024
Sunshine Coast
mini传媒入口 Annual Scientific Meeting 2024
Wellington New Zealand
8 March 2024
10 June 202412 October 2024

Fmini传媒入口/Subspecialty/SIMG trainees
Our Trainee and SIMG in Difficulty Policy and Procedure has been updated. Read more.

Fmini传媒入口 trainees: The Mini-CEX link is now live!
Year 1 trainees are asked to complete three Mini-CEX in Semester 2, 2023.

Read more about the Mini-CEX.
Added 7 August 2023

Fmini传媒入口 trainees: Level 4 and 5 trainees
As you may be aware, leniency was offered during the COVID-19 pandemic, largely due to the limited opportunity for trainees to complete APSS and sit oral exams. As the impact of COVID-19 subsides, the progression from Basic to Advanced mini传媒入口 with outstanding Basic mini传媒入口 requirements has been reviewed by the Federal mini传媒入口 Accreditation Committee (TAC). Read more.
Added 7 August 2023

All Fellows: Additional research assessors required
Fellows receive 3 CPD hours for each Research Assessment completed. For more information, please contact: Or alternatively: Submit a Fmini传媒入口 Research Assessor Application.
Added 7 August 2023

CWH/PTP/APTP trainees
The Certificate and Associate mini传媒入口 Programs (Procedural and Advanced Procedural) have moved onto Integrate! Completion, approval and submission of logbooks will take place on Integrate for trainees commencing after Saturday 1 July 2023. Read more at: CWH, PTP, APTP.
Added 27 July 2023

mini传媒入口 mentors and supervisors (CWH/PTP/APTP)
Please note that trainees will now apply for the Certificate and Procedural training program(s) via an online form that will require your mini传媒入口 ID and surname. Once submitted, you will receive an email requesting your approval as their training mentor/supervisor. Read the Integrate user guide. .
Added 27 July 2023

LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Practice resource hub
Access a wide range of resources, including articles, webinars, guidelines, documentaries, podcasts, and leading organisations in LGBTQIA+ support, education, and advocacy. Enhance your knowledge, foster inclusivity, and create affirming spaces.
Added 10 July 2023

CWH/PTP/APTP trainees
Connect with other Certificate and Procedural trainees: Visit the .
Added 28 June 2023

Fmini传媒入口 trainees
Have you checked out the Fmini传媒入口 Trainee Hub on Acquire?
This page summarises (and provides links to) key information from the Fmini传媒入口 mini传媒入口 Handbook, Fmini传媒入口 Curriculum and mini传媒入口 Regulations and is aimed to provide you with an overview of the Fmini传媒入口 mini传媒入口 Program including some tips for success. .
Added 8 June 2023

In case you missed it…

Here you can find older updates that are still relevant:

Fmini传媒入口 trainees: Mini-CEX for Year 1 trainees
The Mini-CEX is commencing in semester 2, 2023 for Year 1 trainees only. This assessment is a short observation of an aspect of clinical practice observed by a consultant or advanced trainee. Observations can take place in various settings and the whole process should take under 20 minutes. Read more.
Added 31 May 2023

Fmini传媒入口 trainees
Fmini传媒入口 Research mini传媒入口 Requirement Policy has been updated. Read more.
Added 17 April 2023

Surgical training backlogs
mini传媒入口 has called on governments to address surgical training backlogs. Read more.
Added 17 April 2023

Trainee leave entitlements
President Dr Benjamin Bopp has written to governments across Australia advocating for improved trainee leave entitlements. Read more.
Added 3 April 2023

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