First Nations health

Working towards equitable healthcare

We acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Custodians of the lands, waters and communities across Australia, on which our members live and work, and to their Elders, past, present and future.

We are committed to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health through increasing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce (members and staff), teaching culturally appropriate obstetric and gynaecological care, and the review and implementation of our Reconciliation Action Plan.

We recognise the vast inequities faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in Australia’s healthcare system, and we recognise there is always more work to do to bridge this gap.

Our equity journey

Our commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health is a key objective in our strategic plan, and guides our journey forwards.

Advocating for Indigenous doctors and patients

Each year, the College makes submissions to various governing bodies to advocate for meaningful policy change towards equitable access to women鈥檚 health services for First Nations healthcare consumers, and for the doctors who support them.

Reconciliation Action Plan

mini传媒入口鈥檚 vision for reconciliation is one where First Nations peoples and communities are respected, valued, and have equitable access to healthcare, opportunities, and resources, recognising that reconciliation is an ongoing and shared journey that requires a sustained effort and commitment from all College members, trainees and staff.

mini传媒入口 is proud to launch our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan for 2024-2026.


Advocacy 21 March 2024

mini传媒入口 reaffirms commitment to First Nation peoples following Voice to Parliament Referendum Result

Read the College鈥檚 post-referendum statement and learn more about the Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan.

Scholarship awards for First Nations trainees
mini传媒入口 offers its congratulations to all First Nations trainees who have been named as recipients of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Professional Development Scholarships for 2022/23.

Committees and leadership

Your committees

mini传媒入口 Indigenous Network group (RING)


Dr Marilyn Clarke


12 March 2024

31 July 2024



Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group (RAPWG)


Dr Jared Watts





Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Health Committee

Chair: Dr Marilyn Clarke

Deputy Chair: Dr Kiarna Brown


21 Feb 2024

3 July 2024

Dec 2024 (face-to-face meeting ) TBC



Your trainee representatives

Selection into training support

I鈥檝e received an invite for an interview as part of the selection process to enter the Fmini传媒入口 training program. Can I get some mentoring or help to prepare?



Reach out

As soon as you鈥檝e received your interview invite from mini传媒入口 鈥 please get in contact with us.

There鈥檚 about one month between the interview invite and interview so we would like to coordinate support and mentoring well in advance of the interview date.

Our Diversity and Belonging team who look after our First Nations members and trainees will be able to connect you with a mentor(s) as well as organise a mentoring session either for you individually or with other First Nations trainees who will also be interviewing.

Email the team at

For a full list of dates relating to selection into the Fmini传媒入口 training program please visit: Fellowship of mini传媒入口 trainee selection.


The mentoring/support session

Facilitated in a culturally safe space by experienced First Nations members, trainees and allies, a mentoring session, a few weeks to a week prior to your selection interview, will be held to talk you through the general interview process and answer any questions you may have. A practice interview can also be organised to help you prepare.

If you have any general questions about mentoring and support sessions, please get in touch with us. We鈥檇 be happy to help and explain the process in more detail.

If you have any questions about the Fmini传媒入口 Selection into training process, please contact

Financial support

How can I apply for financial assistance from the College?

The College applied to the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care (DoHA) for Flexible Approach to mini传媒入口 in Expanded Settings (FATES) funding for the period 2022鈥2025, to be able to provide an allocation of financial support to our First Nations trainees.

Funding is subject to successful application of funding each year and we are pleased to be able to provide some support for 2023鈥2024.

Here鈥檚 what you need to do to apply:


Give as a call or send us an email

The Cultural Diversity and Inclusion team looks after our First Nations members and trainees and would be happy to chat and help you.

Call the College on (03) 9417 1699 and ask for our Diversity and Belonging Team or email us at


Once we鈥檝e had a chat about what you need and the right information, we will liaise with our Finance team to see whether we have the funds available to assist you


After this we will come back to you and let you know the support that we can provide and organise the financial support.

If you have any general questions about any of the above, please get in touch with us. We鈥檇 be happy to help and explain the process in more detail.

Grants and scholarships

One of the five parameters of the College’s STP Funding Agreement is specifically related to enhancing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health outcomes, through increasing opportunities and training experiences for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people either seeking to become medical specialists, or who are already on the specialist medical training pathway.

The STP Operational Framework outlines the Colleges commitment to identify, attract and support opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people under the program. Through these funding and support opportunities, we aim to address the health disparity between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people within Australia.

Our current STP projects are:

Development and release of revised Cultural Competency online learning modules for all members

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander trainee scholarships (read about our 2022-23 recipients)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural competency workshops for all members

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander trainee pathway

General Practitioner Procedural mini传媒入口 Support Program (GPPTSP)
Are you a rural or remote GP? Find out how this Department of Health funding can assist you to complete the mini传媒入口 Associate mini传媒入口 Program (Advanced Procedural).
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Trainee Scholarship
Are you an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander specialist trainee, prevocational doctor or medical student? Find out how you can apply for a scholarship to attend mini传媒入口 scientific meetings.

Funding opportunities

View all our grant and scholarship opportunities for your next research or travel career goal.

Contribute to O&G Magazine

Do you have experience working in First Nations women’s healthcare? We would love to share your story.

O&G Magazine is a fantastic print and online platform to highlight Indigenous women鈥檚 health issues and initiatives.

Email the editor if you wish to contribute a story to O&G Magazine.

Contact us

For further information contact:


Djeembana, 1 Bowen Crescent Naarm (Melbourne), Victoria 3004, Australia.

3 May 2024