Leading our College

mini传媒入口 is governed by a nine-member Board who are the directors of the College. The Board manages the financial, legal and business operations of the organisation and is supported in its activities by the Council and a range of committees.



Our guiding principles




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Council and committees

The mini传媒入口 Council has general oversight of the policy and strategic planning of the College and meets three times a year (generally in March, July, and November) at College Place in Melbourne, Australia.

The Council comprises the members of the Board, 19 Fellows representing each State and Territory of Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, two regional Fellows, the Board, the Immediate Past-President, one M膩ori Fellow, the Chair of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women鈥檚 Health Committee, the Chair of He Hono W膩hine, the Chair of the Trainees鈥 Committee, and a Community representative. Non-voting members include the Deputy Chairs (Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand) of the Trainees鈥 Committee, a Subspecialties Committee representative, and a    representative of the National Association of Specialist Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (NASOG).

The Twelfth mini传媒入口 Council took office at the College Annual General Meeting held on 9 November 2021. The Council will serve a two-year term until November 2023.

Members of the 12th mini传媒入口 Council

Members of Council
Councillor, Australian Capital TerritoryDr Elizabeth Gallagher
Councillor, New South WalesDr Jessica Caudwell-Hall
Councillor, New South WalesA/Prof Amanda Henry
Councillor, New South WalesDr Marisa Martin
Councillor, New South WalesProf Thierry Vancaillie
颁辞耻苍肠颈濒濒辞谤,&苍产蝉辫;惭腻辞谤颈Dr Philip Suisted
Councillor, New ZealandDr Emma Jackson
Councillor, New ZealandDr Sue Belgrave
Councillor, Regional FellowsDr Kathleen Braniff
Councillor, Regional FellowsDr Romany Erwin
Councillor, QueenslandDr Kathryn Saba
Councillor, QueenslandDr Samantha Scherman
Councillor, QueenslandDr Gary Swift
Councillor, South Australia/Northern TerritoryDr Kasia Siwicki
Councillor, South Australia/Northern TerritoryDr Heather Waterfall
Councillor, TasmaniaDr Frank O’Keeffe
Councillor, VictoriaDr Jenny Dowd
Councillor, VictoriaDr Marilla Druitt
Councillor, VictoriaDr Deborah Nisbet
Councillor, VictoriaDr Michael Rasmussen
Councillor, Western AustraliaDr Anna Clare
Councillor, Western AustraliaDr Scott White
Immediate Past-PresidentDr Vijay Roach
Chair, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women鈥檚 Health CommitteeDr Marilyn Clarke
Chair, He Hono W膩hineDr Leigh Duncan
Chair, Trainees CommitteeDr Sara Ooi
Community RepresentativeTessa Kowaliw
Representatives (non-voting)
NASOG RepresentativeA/Prof Gino Pecoraro
Subspecialties Committee Representative(shared by Subspeciality Committees Chairs)
Trainee Committee Representative
(Deputy Chair, Australia)
Dr Rania Abdou
Trainee Committee Representative
(Deputy Chair, New Zealand)
Dr Sam Holford
College staff (non-voting)
Chief Executive OfficerVase Jovanoska
Manager, Executive Office & AdvocacyBec McPhee
Lead, Executive Office & AdvocacyAlex Jackson

Committees and working groups

The functions and activities of the mini传媒入口 Board and Council are supported by around 50 committees and working parties, which meet regularly and make recommendations to the mini传媒入口 Board on a range of matters pertaining to women’s health.


Want to get involved with the leadership of your College?

Consider participating in future elections 鈥 watch this space for more updates.

Current elections

There are no elections being conducted at the moment.

Previous elections


Election for mini传媒入口 President of Thirteenth Council
President-ElectDr Gillian Gibson

Election for mini传媒入口 Board of Thirteenth Council
Vice-President  Dr Susan Fleming
Vice-President  Dr Nisha Khot
Vice-President  A/Prof Boon Lim
Elected DirectorDr Michael Rasmussen
Elected DirectorDr John Regan
Elected DirectorDr Jared Watts

Election for mini传媒入口 Councillors of Thirteenth Council
Councillor resident in the Australian Capital Territory  Dr Elizabeth Gallagher
Councillors resident in New South Wales  Dr James Brown
Associate Professor Amanda Henry
Dr Mark Ruff
Professor Thierry Vancaillie
Councillors resident in Aotearoa New ZealandDr Emma Jackson
Dr Per Kempe
Councillor representing M膩ori Fellows resident in Aotearoa New ZealandDr Angela Beard
Councillors resident in QueenslandDr Elisha Broom
Dr Kathryn Saba
Dr Samantha Scherman
Councillors resident in South Australia or the Northern Territory (to represent both places)Dr Magda Halt
Dr Kasia Siwicki
Councillor resident in TasmaniaDr Frank Clark
Councillors resident in VictoriaDr Victoria Carson
Dr Pallavi Desai
Dr Jennifer Dowd
Dr Marilla Druitt
Councillors resident in Western AustraliaDr Anna Clare
Dr Uchechukwu Nwangwu Ijeneme
Councillors representing Regional FellowsDr Adam Bush
Dr Romany Erwin

Election for mini传媒入口 Subspecialty Committees
Gynaecological Oncology (CGO) Subspecialty CommitteeDr Cecile Bergzoll
Dr Nisha Jagasia
Dr Monica McGauran
Dr Kristen Moloney
Dr Shih-Ern Yao
Maternal Fetal Medicine (CMFM) Subspecialty CommitteeDr Wendy Carseldine
Dr Laura Gerhardy
Dr Margaret Harpham
Dr Peter Muller
Obstetrical and Gynaecological Ultrasound (COGU) Subspecialty CommitteeDr Ahmed Al-Amin
Dr Helen Kaganov
Dr Karen Mizia
Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (CREI) Subspecialty CommitteeDr Kate Burston
Dr Jinny Yuting Foo
Dr Elizabeth Glanville
Dr Michele Kwik
Dr Raelia Lew
Urogynaecology (CU) Subspecialty CommitteeDr Fay Lin Chao
Dr Zhuoran Chen
Dr Lauren Ferris
Dr Todd Ladanchuk
Dr Lin Li Ow

Election for mini传媒入口 Diplomates Committee
Intrapartum Care (Procedural) Diplomate RepresentativeDr Stephanie Breen
Dr Louise Manning
Dr Kylie Sterry
Shared Care Diplomate RepresentativeDr Ka-Kiu Cheung
Dr Felicity Constable

Election for mini传媒入口 State & Territory Committees and Te K膩hui Oranga 艒 Nuku
Australian Capital Territory (ACT) CommitteeDr Roopendra Banerji
Dr Sarah Bombell
Dr David O鈥橰ourke
Dr Danica Vress
New South Wales (NSW) State CommitteeDr Victoria Bennett
Dr Bevan Brown
Dr Marc Heyning
Dr Swetha Kumar
Dr Lilach Leibenson
Dr Karen Mizia
Dr Hugh Porter
Dr Vasukhi Sivagnanam
Dr Louise White
Queensland (QLD) State CommitteeDr Sajeeva Abeysundera
Dr Sabratnam Ganeshananthan
Dr Leigh Grant
Dr Tammy Maxwell
Associate Professor Thangeswaran Rudra
South Australia (SA)/Northern Territory (NT)
State & Territory Committee
Dr Megan Halliday
Dr Dharmawijaya Lekamge
Dr Kate Martin
Dr Rebecca Mitchell
Dr Heather Waterfall
Tasmania (TAS) State CommitteeDr Vaishali Bhalerao
Dr Mohamed Patel
Victoria (VIC) State CommitteeDr Bharat Gavankar
Dr Jeanette Henderson
Dr Samuel Newbury
Dr Rachel O鈥橠wyer
Dr Kimberley Sleeman
Western Australia (WA) State CommitteeDr Christopher Gunnell
Dr Mike Kamara
Dr Lauren Kite
Dr Han-Shin Lee
Dr Yoska Lindsay
Te K膩hui Oranga 艒 NukuDr Diana Ackerman
Dr Emma Deverall
Dr Jane Fielder
Dr Anand Gangji
Dr Jade Lodge
Dr Judy Ormandy

Election for mini传媒入口 Trainees鈥 Committee
Fmini传媒入口 ACT Trainee RepresentativeDr Wendy Hodge
Fmini传媒入口 NSW Trainee RepresentativesDr Sophie Doherty
Dr Fiona Li
Fmini传媒入口 Aotearoa New Zealand Trainee Representative (North Island)Dr Steven Knights
Fmini传媒入口 Aotearoa New Zealand Trainee Representative (South Island)Dr Vanessa Bowden
Fmini传媒入口 QLD Trainee RepresentativesDr Melissa Acreman
Dr Divya Viswanathan
Fmini传媒入口 SA/NT Trainee RepresentativeDr Sarah Linthwaite
Fmini传媒入口 TAS Trainee RepresentativeDr Carly Sands
Fmini传媒入口 VIC Trainee RepresentativesDr Jessica Gollow
Dr Estelle Blair-Holt
Fmini传媒入口 WA Trainee RepresentativeDr Ashleigh Anderson
CWH/Dmini传媒入口/Dmini传媒入口 Advanced Trainee RepresentativeDr Joscelyn Gan
Dmini传媒入口/Dmini传媒入口 Advanced Trainee RepresentativesDr Monique Bihari
Dr Evelyn Konstantopoulos
Dr Priyanka Vaidya
Specialist International Medical Graduates RepresentativeDr Ramandeep Kaur


As mandated by the Constitution, Regulations or Election Policy, the timetable for the 2023 election year is outlined below.

Please note that all elections were conducted prior to the commencement of the mini传媒入口 Thirteenth Council in November 2023, with listed completion dates subject to casual vacancy elections.

State and Territory Committees (x7)
and Te K膩hui Oranga 艒 Nuku
Subspecialty Committees (x5)JulySeptember
Diplomates CommitteeAugustSeptember
Trainees CommitteeAugustSeptember

Policies and procedures

View all College policies and procedures.

Executive Leadership Team

The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) are integral to College governance. They meet weekly to determine matters, or make recommendations to the CEO and Board, regarding the direction and operations of the College. 

Meet our ELT

Vase Jovanoska

Chief Executive Officer

MBA, MHSM, BA (Accounting)

Vase鈥檚 corporate experience extends more than 22 years across the corporate and not-for-profit sectors. In addition to her tertiary qualifications, Vase has also completed the Executive Program in Leading for Strategic Change with Melbourne Business School, the Women鈥檚 Executive Leadership Program and Negotiations Strategies Program with Yale University. She is a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, a qualified CPA, and a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders, Australia, and New Zealand.

Sudi Sekhar

Deputy CEO and Executive Director, Innovation, Learning and Quality Assurance

Sudi has over 14 years鈥 experience across tertiary, not-for-profit and health sectors, and includes strategy development and implementation, project management, strategic partnerships, business development, change management and client services.

Sudi holds a Master of Business Administration, Master of International Business, and a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors as well as the Fundraising Institute of Australia. Sudi also holds an Agile Practitioner (AgilePM) qualification.

Daniel Petkovski

Executive Director, People, Wellbeing and Facilities

Daniel is responsible for leading the People, Wellbeing and Facilities department at mini传媒入口. His career encompasses experience within community health, and the NFP and commercial sector. Daniel is a member of the Australian HR Institute (AHRI) and holds a Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management).

Mel Pietsch

Executive Director, Communication and Engagement

Mel currently oversees the State and Territory offices and the communication, publications, marketing and website activities at the College. She has over 15 years鈥 experience working in the public sector where she developed a strong understanding of the medical training system and medical workforce. Mel has a Certificate III in Financial Services and is currently undertaking a Certificate in Business Leadership.

Catherine Cooper

Executive Director, Aotearoa New Zealand and Global Health

Catherine leads the Aotearoa New Zealand Office of mini传媒入口 and the Global Health Unit, working closely with Te K膩hui Oranga 艒 Nuku, He Hono W膩hine and the staff team. She has a background of many years in management roles in the New Zealand public service, and not-for-profit and membership organisations. Catherine also has governance experience, chairing school Boards, as well as a Masters in management and a BA in psychology and education.

Stephen White

Executive Director, Education

Stephen is responsible for the Education activities of the College, encompassing curriculum development, training program operations, examinations, accreditation, evaluation, trainee selection and SIMG assessment. With an Honours degree in English Studies, Stephen worked in academic publishing for eight years in the UK before moving to Australia. He then spent 11 years in the vocational education and training sector, before shifting into the specialist medical college world. Stephen worked on strategic education and curriculum development for ANZCA before joining mini传媒入口 in early 2020.

Michelle Zhang

Executive Director, Finance, STP and Risk

Michelle is a certified practising accountant (CPA) with more than 15 years鈥 experience in financial and management accounting, project management and data analysis. As the Head of STP, Finance and Risk, Michelle manages several government funded programs and work closely with project managers on various projects as well as oversees workforce related activities. Michelle has completed the Master of Professional Accounting (MPA).

Independent External Reviewer

The Independent External Reviewer (IER) provides independent oversight of the College’s complaints and whistleblower processes and seeks to ensure concerns can be raised and issues addressed fairly without fear of reprisal or retribution.

The Independent External Reviewer is an independent non-member and non-College staff member, appointed for the term of the mini传媒入口 Council.


Investigate and determine applications for review of complaints referred by the College or directly submitted to the IER, including bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment complaints;

Investigate and determine disclosures referred by the College or directly submitted to the IER under the WhistleBlower Policy;

Liaise and provide instruction and guidance to disputing parties, including the complainant and the respondent in relation to the external review process;

Write clear and logical decisions setting out the basis for the decision, relevant findings of fact and the material on which those findings were based;

Work closely but independently with the College Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and governance staff working within the Office of the President and CEO to provide guidance on the independent external review processes;

Build and maintain collaborative working relationships with internal stakeholders and provide support relating to or arising out of the external review process;

Provide relevant process improvement recommendations to the Board on complaints and whistleblower processes;

Conduct a review of all the complaints and whistleblower disclosures and provide a report to the Board, annually or as requested;

Conduct a review of processes relating to reconsideration, review or appeal and provide a report to the Board, annually or as requested;

Act in accordance with the Code of Conduct;

Act in accordance with all relevant laws, regulations and policies governing complaints and whistleblower processes.

Meet our IER

Ms Candy Caballero was appointed as Independent External Reviewer on 11 May 2023.

Ms Caballero has worked for more than 20 years as a lawyer and public servant in trade and commercial law, contracts and procurement, administrative law and regulatory practices. Registered to practise law in California and Victoria, she is also a member of the Governance Institute of Australia and the Institute of Community Directors. 

She has a particular interest in complaints handling and the identification and management of systemic risks and emerging issues through complaints data analysis. She has worked in the regulation of company directors, health professionals, hospitals and architects.

Complaints Pathway Support

The mini传媒入口 Governance Unit will provide potential complainants guidance to navigate different complaint pathways offered by the College in the following policies when considering or exploring pathways to making a complaint:

Complaints Policy

Informal complaints

Formal complaints

Independent External Reviewer Policy

Frequently asked questions

Our FAQs are here to help!

What advice does the Complaints Pathway Support provide?

Complaints Pathway Support assists individuals by providing guidance on how to navigate the College’s complaint procedures and policies, helping them make informed decisions when considering or exploring the process of lodging a complaint.

How do I contact the Complaints Pathway Support?

Please contact:

Ms May Raguine
Phone: +61 3 9412 2911

Am I obligated to lodge a complaint after contacting Complaints Pathway Support?

No, this is obligation-free guidance available to members of the College and trainees, including Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMGs) on the pathway to Fellowship or certification in a Subspecialty of obstetrics and gynaecology.

Contact our IER

If you are submitting a whistleblower disclosure, or you are a member of the College making a complaint, you can contact the IER by sending an email to as per the relevant policies listed below.

For any questions regarding relevant policies and processes, you can contact the Governance team by sending an email to


Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Policy
This policy聽should be read in conjunction with the supporting聽Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Resource Guide.
Whistle-blower Policy
mini传媒入口 strives to operate with a culture of ethical and appropriate corporate behaviour in all…


For general governance enquiries, please contact:


If you have any queries in relation to mini传媒入口 election processes, please contact:

Phone: +61 3 9412 2920

1 Bowen Crescent
Naarm (Melbourne)
Victoria 3004 Australia


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