CPD participation and compliance

Looking for more detail on meeting your CPD requirements? The College has developed a range of policies, procedures and resources to help you stay on track with participation and compliance.

CPD verification checks

At the end of each CPD cycle, the College conducts a random check of five per cent of the CPD program to verify CPD hours claimed.

Verification is how mini传媒入口 audits the CPD program

mini传媒入口 audits 5% of the CPD program yearly, following Australian Medical Council (AMC) guidelines

5% of CPD participants are randomly selected for verification six weeks before their CPD cycle ends

Overdue participants are selected for verification if they do not submit activities meeting their minimum CPD requirements

During verification, mini传媒入口 assesses CPD activities for evidence of completeness and educational quality relating to scope of practice

Verified activities must meet Medical Board of Australia (MBA) requirements and CPD framework definitions

Activities submitted must be relevant to the participant’s scope of practice

If you’re on a subspecialists program, you must complete 35 of your 50 hours related to subspeciality-specific activities.

For every logged CPD activity, the College recommends uploading evidence of participation to your Integrate profile.

Acceptable evidence

If selected for a verification check, your evidence of participation may include the following documentation:

mini传媒入口 worksheets and templatesConference invitations, invoices or brochures
Certificates of attendanceAgendas/programs
Signed letters from meeting organisers or Heads of DepartmentAny documentation with identifying patient information
Log of medical journals/articles readDiary entries

Please note that it鈥檚 only necessary to substantiate the minimum number of required hours per CPD cycle.

Worksheets and templates

Please visit Integrate to browse our collection of worksheets and templates for documenting your CPD activities 鈥 click the menu button in the top left corner and then select 鈥楻esources鈥.

Overdue CPD requirements

If you have outstanding requirements at the end of a CPD cycle, the College will contact you to discuss individual arrangements for completing these as soon as possible.

On completion of all requirements, you will be able to download your Compliance Statement from Integrate (see section below on 鈥楨vidence of CPD enrolment鈥 for more information).

Please follow the links below for more information relating to overdue CPD requirements.

Evidence of CPD enrolment and completion

If you need to provide evidence of enrolment or completion in relation to the mini传媒入口 CPD program, the documents listed below are available to download via Integrate.

Letter of participation

Confirms your status with the College and registration in the mini传媒入口 CPD program

Does not provide evidence that you鈥檙e meeting your CPD requirements

Statement of hours

Summarises the number of CPD hours you鈥檝e completed in the current cycle

Provides information on whether you鈥檙e on track to meet your CPD requirements

Compliance statement

Formal confirmation that you鈥檝e met all requirements for the most recent CPD cycle

Available to download at the end of the CPD cycle


Please contact the College if you require assistance with your CPD documentation.

CPD Online support:

Compliance statements: or +613 9412 2908.

Mandatory reporting on CPD non-compliance

The Medical Board of Australia (MBA) and Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) require annual reporting on CPD non-compliance, within six months of the end of each CPD cycle.

The College will continue to support overdue CPD participants to achieve compliance, prior to submitting any regulatory reporting.

Please check back soon for more information on our process for overdue CPD requirements.

Changes in circumstance

Request an exemption

If you鈥檝e been absent from medical practice for more than three months due to parental leave, ill health, or exceptional circumstances, you may apply for an exemption from your CPD requirements for a period of 3 to 12 months.

Please click the link below to complete an online application form, and attach any appropriate supporting documentation.

Request an extension of time

To apply for an additional period of up to one month to complete your CPD requirements for the current CPD cycle, please submit your request in writing to the Chair of the CPD Committee at:

Please also note that:

all applications for extensions of time should be submitted no later than six weeks before the end of the CPD cycle (on 31st December)

requirements and dates of the subsequent CPD cycle will not change

you will be moved to the next CPD cycle once all requirements have been met

CPD participation for overseas Fellows

Overseas Fellows who are not participating in a recognised program must continue participating in the mini传媒入口 CPD program.

If you’re a Fellow working overseas (outside Australia or Aotearoa New Zealand), you may opt to participate in a recognised international CPD program instead of the mini传媒入口 CPD program, and you may be eligible for a 50 per cent reduction in your annual subscription fee.

Please follow the links below for more information relating to CPD for overseas Fellows.

Retired Fellows

If you’re a retired Fellow returning to practice, you must comply with all CPD requirements that were in place at the time of your retirement.

Please follow the link below for more information on retirement and reinstatement.

Policies and procedures

Retention of CPD records for audit

For CPD audit purposes, please retain records of your annual CPD activities for three years after the end of each one-year cycle.

For further information relating to storage, retention, disposal and privacy of CPD records, please refer to the Records Retention and Disposal Policy and Procedure, and mini传媒入口 Privacy Policy and Procedure.

Policies relevant to CPD

Please click on the dots in the bottom left corner to scroll through a selection of policy and procedure documents relevant to the mini传媒入口 CPD program.


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Alternatively, please click the button below to browse the full directory of mini传媒入口 policies and procedures.


Please click the link below to browse our list of frequently asked questions about the mini传媒入口 CPD program.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our CPD team at:

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) FAQs
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17 November 2023