The mini传媒入口 mentoring program

Find out how to become a mentor, or how to connect with a mentor if you’re an early-career specialist.

Are you a Fellow or Fmini传媒入口 trainee?

If so, we invite you to join the mini传媒入口 mentoring program today.

What is the mini传媒入口 mentoring program?

The mini传媒入口 mentoring program is a pilot program for mini传媒入口 Fellows and Fmini传媒入口 trainees.

The program aims to aid rural and regional participating members to develop professionally and personally, by connecting with experienced Fellows via a confidential, custom-built platform.

The mini传媒入口 mentoring program offers:

leadership experience


support, guidance and professional development

opportunities for networking and connection with peers

a platform to share feedback and advice

What does the program involve?


As a participant in the mini传媒入口 mentoring program, you will be asked to:

agree to the code of conduct across the course of the program

commit sufficient and consistent time towards the program and to your mentor/mentee

reflect on your practice and development experiences


The program provides two matching options:

self-matching 鈥 view program profiles to select a mentoring match that best suits your needs

algorithm matching 鈥 use an automated matching strategy to assist you with a mentoring match

Resources and support

On joining the mini传媒入口 mentoring program, you will receive access to:

online program platform

online reading hub, mentoring articles and checklists

comprehensive program handbook

webinar recordings (via Acquire)

facilitated networking events to further build on your mentoring partnership

direct contact with the mini传媒入口 mentoring team

Networking functions

mini传媒入口 mentoring program networking breakfast 鈥 ASM Perth 2023

A second networking event as part of the mentoring program will be held at the mini传媒入口 ASM in Perth on Wednesday 1 November 2023.

All mentoring program mentors, mentees, mini传媒入口 Fellows and Fmini传媒入口 trainees are invited to attend the networking breakfast.

We look forward to welcoming you to this special event where you will have the opportunity to join mini传媒入口 President elect Dr Gillian Gibson and network with participants of the mini传媒入口 mentoring program to share mentoring journeys and connect with peers in the profession.

Please click the button below to learn more about the mini传媒入口 mentoring program networking breakfast.


To attend the mini传媒入口 mentoring program networking breakfast, please add this option to your meeting program when registering for the mini传媒入口 ASM (see Step 5 below).

For further information or assistance, please email the mini传媒入口 mentoring team:

Read about our previous networking function

news 3 August 2023

The mini传媒入口 mentoring program networking function

The mini传媒入口 mentoring program hosted its first networking function on Monday 24 July 2023 at Le Montage in Sydney.

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To join the mini传媒入口 mentoring program, or for further information or queries, please email the mini传媒入口 mentoring team:

13 October 2023