The mini传媒入口 mentoring program

Find out how to become a mentor or mentee.

Are you a Fmini传媒入口 Trainee, Fellow or Associate Proceduralist Member?

If so, we invite you to join the mini传媒入口 mentoring program today.

What is the mini传媒入口 mentoring program?

The mini传媒入口 Mentoring program has been developed to facilitate mentoring relationships supporting Fmini传媒入口 trainees, Fellows and mini传媒入口 Associate Procedural Members on their membership journey.

From training to transitioning into practice and establishing a healthy support network to reduce isolation and improve wellbeing and engagement, particularly for those working in rural and remote areas.

The mini传媒入口 mentoring program offers:

leadership experience


support, guidance and professional development

opportunities for networking and connection with peers

a platform to share feedback and advice

Mentoring is also an approved CPD activity. Time spent participating in mentoring can be credited towards your CPD hours.

What does the program involve?


As a participant in the mini传媒入口 mentoring program, you will be asked to:

Agree to the code of conduct across the course of the program

Commit sufficient and consistent time towards the program and to your mentor/mentee

Reflect on your practice and development experiences

mini传媒入口 has partnered with Mentorloop to facilitate the mentoring program.

Mentorloop provides the following options for matching with a suitable mentoring partner:

Self-matching 鈥 view program profiles to select a mentoring match that best suits your needs

Algorithm matching 鈥 use an automated matching strategy to assist you with a mentoring match

The Mentorloop app allows users to match, set goals, communicate and move through mentoring milestones – anytime, anywhere.


To join our mentoring program and get involved as a Mentor or Mentee, please send us an expression of interest email to

Once your eligibility is confirmed you will receive an invitation from our Mentorloop platform asking you to register and create a profile.

After you have completed your profile, you will then be able to view other participant profiles and to find your match.

Resources and support

On joining the mini传媒入口 mentoring program, you will receive access to:

Online program platform

Online reading hub, mentoring articles and checklists

Comprehensive program handbook

Webinar recordings (via Acquire)

Facilitated networking events to further build on your mentoring partnership

Direct contact with the mini传媒入口 mentoring team

Get in touch

To join the mini传媒入口 mentoring program, or for further information or queries, please email the mini传媒入口 mentoring team:

15 May 2024