Advocacy and engagement

mini传媒入口 advocates for women’s health professionals and the patients they care for by working with governing bodies to make meaningful policy change towards equitable access to women’s health services across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.


Advocacy 14 May 2024
The Federal Budget: What It Means for Women鈥檚 Health
mini传媒入口 has summarised how the 2024-25 Australian federal budget allocations…
Advocacy 9 May 2024
New MBS Items a Win for Women’s Health
mini传媒入口 welcomes the addition of new MBS items which will…
Advocacy 3 May 2024
College Statement on Gender-Based Violence
The College supports the call for the Australian government to…
Advocacy 2 May 2024
mini传媒入口 leads the charge against chronic shortages of medicines & devices used in women鈥檚 healthcare
The College has convened key stakeholders to workshop solutions for…
Advocacy 22 April 2024
Rural, Regional and Remote Women鈥檚 Health Strategy aims to ensure equitable access to women鈥檚 healthcare across Australia
The College has launched its Rural, Regional and Remote Women鈥檚…
Advocacy 21 March 2024
mini传媒入口 reaffirms commitment to First Nation peoples following Voice to Parliament Referendum Result
Read the College鈥檚 post-referendum statement and learn more about the…
Advocacy 14 March 2024
2024 Women鈥檚 Health Summit Ignites Call to Action Against Systemic Gender Bias in Healthcare
mini传媒入口 is honoured to be organising and presenting the Women鈥檚…
Advocacy 8 March 2024
mini传媒入口 to deliver the 2024 Women鈥檚 Health Summit
mini传媒入口 is honoured to be organising and presenting the Women鈥檚…
Advocacy 4 March 2024
mini传媒入口 on LGBTQIA+ and health: there is more to be done
mini传媒入口 was proud to again march as part of the…
Advocacy 4 March 2024
mini传媒入口 stands up for the importance of advocacy at the AGES conference
mini传媒入口 President Dr Gillian Gibson laid out how the College…
Advocacy 23 February 2024
mini传媒入口 defends maternal and fetal health during Senate climate change inquiry
This week, Dr Kristine Barnden testified in front of the…
Advocacy 18 December 2023
Briefing for Incoming Minister of Health
mini传媒入口 has written to the new Minister of Health in…
Advocacy 15 September 2023
mini传媒入口 & FARE webinar 鈥 The moments you spend with her matter: alcohol & pregnancy
mini传媒入口 and the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE)…
Advocacy 31 July 2023
Fostering Respect update
mini传媒入口 has provided an update on its work to foster…
Advocacy 31 July 2023
mini传媒入口 supports the Voice to Parliament
mini传媒入口 considers the vote on the Voice critical to the…
Advocacy 14 July 2023
Gendered Language Project Update
The Gender Equity and Diversity Working Group thanks all Members…


In Australia, mini传媒入口 makes submissions throughout each year on a variety of women’s health policy issues, supporting over 7,500 members to provide equitable women’s health care.

How we advocate

As the peak body for women’s health in Australia, mini传媒入口 advocates on behalf of our membership, to improve equitable access to health care, develop tailored strategic policy frameworks and timely outcomes to pressing issues facing women, their families, as well as our members.

mini传媒入口 consults with our Committees and members who have specific expertise on the consultation topics. Their feedback is reviewed, collated and drafted as a submission.

The submissions are reviewed and approved by the President and CEO prior to being submitted to the consultative entities. The Australian submissions and consultations process is managed by the Executive Office & Advocacy.


mini传媒入口 makes submissions each year on behalf of our Aotearoa New Zealand members and the w膩hine they work with.

We are committed to equity of health outcomes for all w膩hine and their p膿pi.

How we advocate

We advocate for excellence and equity in hauora w膩hine by engaging with health sector stakeholders, including through submissions and representation, collaboration in policy development and advice on clinical matters.

Pae ora for all w膩hine and p膿pi

Read about our mahi in hauora w膩hine M膩ori on the Aotearoa New Zealand page.


Each year the College makes submissions on behalf of members, w膩hine and p膿pi in Aotearoa New Zealand. We thank the members who contribute so much of their time and expertise to each submission.


Te K膩hui Oranga 艒 Nuku engages and collaborates regularly with key health stakeholders.

The mahi of Te K膩hui Oranga 艒 Nuku, He Hono W膩hine and other advocates for women鈥檚 health in Aotearoa New Zealand have seen positive outcomes achieved for w膩hine including:

Government commitment to a women’s health strategy in the Pae Ora legislation

HPV screening and self-testing beginning in 2023

Folic acid fortification of bread will be achieved through supplementation of non-organic bread-making wheat flour

New sector guidelines completed on contraception

mini传媒入口 and the New Zealand College of Midwives collaborated with the Ministry of Health and the Immunisation Advisory Centre to provide consistent and clear advice on COVID-19 and pregnancy 

Previous advocacy work

Each year the advocacy work of the College is outlined in our Annual Report.


2022鈥2023 Activities Report
Explore data on mini传媒入口 trainees and members across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, and find…

Engage with our members

Interested in surveying our membership? Find out what is involved and how to apply.


Get in touch with the advocacy team in your country:

Aotearoa New Zealand:

Leadership 10 May 2022

Gender Equity and Diversity Working Group

The Gender Equity and Diversity Working Group (GEDWG) works to improve gender equity, inclusion and diversity within our College.


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