Accrediting a CPD activity

Are you an education provider seeking mini传媒入口 approval for a CPD activity? Browse the information below to learn more about submission requirements, and to apply online.

Why apply for approval?

Gaining mini传媒入口 approval for your CPD activity provides a number of benefits, including:

recognition that your activity meets mini传媒入口 CPD education and training standards

promotion to our membership of over 9,000 women鈥檚 health professionals (via newsletters)

use of the mini传媒入口 CPD approved activity logo for marketing purposes

support from the mini传媒入口 CPD team


Please click and expand the headings below for a list of resources to help when developing and seeking mini传媒入口 approval of a CPD activity.

Standards for activity approval

Education Standards for CPD Activities

All activities must be reviewed against the Education Standards for CPD Activities.

mini传媒入口 CPD Framework

All activities must align to at least one of the three domains of the CPD Framework.

Activities may align to more than more domain.

Activities for cultural safety, health inequity, professionalism and ethics

When preparing their mandatory Professional Development Plan (PDP), all doctors must consider how they can engage in activities to help them develop their skills and knowledge in the areas of cultural safety, health inequity, professionalism and ethics.

Education Providers are invited to apply to have their activities approved for any of these areas.

Activity development resources

The following checklist and guides are available to help support the development of your CPD activity:

Activity planning templates

The following templates are available to help support your application:

Please note that you may submit your own documentation; however, it must meet with the Education Standards for CPD Activities.

Policies and procedures


To apply for mini传媒入口 CPD activity approval, please complete the online registration form and pay the non-refundable application fee of $250 (AUD, excluding GST).

Please note the following:

Applications must be submitted at least six weeks before the activity commences

Approval will not be provided retrospectively.

Educational activities and any related advertising are valid for one year from the date of approval.


Please contact our CPD team for assistance at:

14 June 2023